About Sweetness In Seattle Blog

This baking blog can be broken down into:

Baking Brains: Posts to upgrade your kitchen skills. Even if you are a seasoned pro or newbie in the kitchen, you will learn a new tip, trick, or technique.

Food Events and Reviews: I review, and promote, Seattle-area food events and restaurants.

Sweet Recipes: 

Cookies and Brownies: Your favorite classic recipes all in one spot.

Baking Basics: Your go-to for baking 101 recipes.

Brunch: Breakfast/Lunch themed recipes.

Special Dessert: When you need something extra sweet for an occasion...or just because.

5 ingredient Desserts: Sweet recipes that contain only 5 ingredients to create.

My name is Kimm (2 m's), a Seattle-ish Pacific Northwest native. After graduating from culinary and pastry school, I entered the diverse food industry and gained a tremendous  amount of experience. Now I focus on anything sweet, fun, or food!

Contact me:

Food/Restaurant reviews: I am able to give an unbiased review of your new food snack or restaurant. 

Seattle food media events: Pick me as your go-to for media promotions for local Seattle food events. 

Fellow food bloggers and foodies: Say Hi! I enjoy meeting new and like-minded peeps, local or far. 

Blog ideas: Fan of the blog? Thanks for reading. If you have a topic you want me to write about, let me know. 

Contact me:
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