5 Cooking and Baking Milestones

July 31, 2017

In our professional and personal cooking life, we have mini milestones to rejoice our accomplishments, goals, and dreams. There is nothing like a self celebration to make you realize how far you come and progressed.

Culinary and pastry milestones need to be celebrated as well, especially Kimm-style: a glass of champagne and a giant piece of chocolate cake, or two. (I'm sharing, I promise!)


Here are 5 easy cooking milestones for anyone to check off their cooking bucket list:



1) Your first batch of, pretty darn perfect, chocolate chip cookies.
Baking, versus, cooking is more of a science. You measure, you cream, you carefully portion control your cookie dough onto baking sheets and, TA-DA, out comes delicious circles of sweetness and chunks of semi sweet chocolate. Celebrate by consuming one right out of the oven! Congrats, you've mastered a basic, yet necessary, baking skill. Plus, baking homemade cookies is an easy way to win friends over.




2) Your first meat roast.
If it is a classically roasted chicken, the Christmas prime rib, or herb roasted pork loin, roasting a large hunk of meat required preparation, patience, and timing. I recommend roasting a small piece of meat, if it is your first time, for a small, quaint dinner. It will be practice for a big celebration, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any holiday you celebrate.




3) Your first omelette.
Eggs are delicious, easy, packed with protein, and pretty easy on the wallet. Mastering the flip, roll, and shape of a perfectly rolled omelette takes practice (but a tasty and healthy one) and timing. Be sure: lightly coat your egg pan with unsalted butter and have your ingredients ready, AKA mise en place.




4) Your first salad dressing.
Easy enough, right? Some vinegar, oil, salt, maybe a pinch of garlic or two, plus some mustard, why not? Seems straight forward. Mixing two unlikable ingredients, like vinegar and oil, is the start of kitchen science, called emulsifying.  Egg yolks and mustard help bond the two unlikely ingredients together, that is why you see them in salad dressings recipes. But what you really need is elbow grease and a whisk: Add all ingredients, except for the oil, in a bowl and vigorously stir while slowly adding the oil.





5) Your first creation of throwing everything together to make something wonderful.
It's been a long day. You're tired and hungry. There are some ingredients in your pantry and fridge. Nothing to make a complete meal, but you wing it. Left over beef from Sunday's dinner? A few veggies that need to used ASAP? Stir fry it all together with some appropriate seasoning and love, and ta-da! You made a meal out of items in your pantry. Even if you do not cook often, it is helpful to have simple, easy items in your fridge or freezer to make a meal.


Happy baking and cooking,


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