Is it a pie? Or is is a tart?

August 30, 2017

Hello fellow foodies,


Two of my favorite foods to indulge in are pies and tarts. You may ask yourself, is there really a difference between the two? Small sweet factors make the difference between the two lucious desserts. Want to know what they are? Read below and it is easy as pie...err, or tart.


The differences


Pie: Super flakey crust (generally made with flour, fat, and cold water). Want to make a delicious, and easy, pie crust?  Read here. Pie crust are made in a bowl, by your own two hands. 

Tart: 'Short' crust, which means it will crumble more versus flake. The butter (or whatever fat you are using) is cut (aka, rubbed) into the dry ingredients for, well, a longer time. The result is more like a shortbread cookie versus flakey pastry. Tart crusts are easily made in a kitchen mixer.

Some tarts, especially more savory, can be made with a laminated dough, like puff pastry. Quality puff pastry can be found in your grocer's freezer and used when in a time pitch. 



Pie: Round and deep. Baked in a pie pan. Simple and straight forward. 

Tart: Varies, from round, to square, to rectangle. Tart pans have a removable bottom and short sides. This is really the factor in the difference between a pie and tart: the shape and the baking vessel. 


The similarities 


Pie: From classic lattice crust to oat streusel to whipped cream, a topping is always involved in the land of pies.

Tart: Like pies, toppings are involved in a final step of a tart. While it is rare to see a pie go naked on top, tarts can easily go topless and appealing. 



Pie: Any and all! Most pies are sweet, with the exception of savory pies like quiche.

Tart: Any and all! Tarts can also be sweet, chocolate-y, or savory filled, too. Breakfast tarts are up and rising in the brunch world.


Do you notice any other difference between the sweet desserts? Let me know!

Happy Baking,




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