How to bake on bake on a budget - Top 5 Tips

October 6, 2017

Greetings foodies and bakers,


Baking is a delicious hobby to have, expand, and grow. If you love baking holiday cookies, birthday cakes, or trying out the trendiest sweet recipe, you will soon realize baking can, well, get pricey. From dairy ingredients to chocolate to cookie sheets, it is easy to rack up a big baking bill.



Here are the top 5 easy-peasy tips on how to bake on a budget! I want to see your baking dollars get maximized. 


Tip #1: When it comes to bakeware, buy quality not quantity.

Cookie sheets, cake pans, and muffin tins can easy wrap from over use and exposure to high heat. The best way is to buy a high quality brand (do research via online retailers and baker pals) and maintain it. I recommend hand washing 'em and using parchment paper. Always. 

Pro tip: Avoid aersol non stick sprays. Over time, they leave a gross film that is difficult to clean off.


Tip #2: Ask for gift cards for birthday and holiday gifts.

Eye-ing that brand spankin' new kitchen mixer? Tool set? Cutting board? Ask for gift cards, from family and friends, and start buying away. Bonus point for grocery store gift cards as well to stock up your spices and pantry ingredients.

Pro tip: Have some gentle used bakeware but just want an upgrade? Try selling them online. Or donate to a foodie friend in need!


Tip #3: Buy what is needed weekly.

Have a running list, on your fridge or in a notebook app, of pantry items you need. Buy 1-3 items off your list weekly based on sales (online or in-store grocery retailers). This will avoid any last minute trips to the grocery store and impulse buying. 

Pro tip: Plastic wrap, storage bags, and parchment paper can be purchased in bulk when on sale. Trust me, during the holidays, you'll need it!


Tip #4: Freeze butter, nuts, and nut flours.

Butter, nuts, and nut flours are pricey ingredients in the kitchen. You want the longest shelf life possible! All three ingredients freeze easily and butter can be defrosted in the fridge overnight. 

Pro tip: Make sure you store nuts and nut flours in freezer tight bags to reduce any freezer burn or taste. 


Tip #5: Check your bakeware inventory and make your pans do double duty!

Muffin tins can make cupcakes, muffins, and breakfast egg bites. Cookie sheets can roast veggies, make sheet cakes, and brownies. Cake pans can make coffee cake, chiffon cakes, and cinnamon rolls. Make sure you are not over buying on bakeware (or pantry goods) and consuming only what is needed. This will get the biggest bang for your buck from your bakeware. 


Let me know what your baking budget tips are!

Happy baking,



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