How to maintain a baking pantry: top 5 tips

November 6, 2017



The post, How to Bake on a Budget  explained how to expand your baking pantry on a conscience budget. Now to key is to maintain and use it all ingredients efficiently. You do not have your ingredients to go bad, spoil, or have too much (or too little) of anything. 




Check out these 5 easy breezy tips on maintaining your baking pantry:


1) Keep all your specialized baking dry ingredients in one central location in your kitchen.

This is key. Of course, dairy will be kept in the fridge and all purpose ingredients (think, peanut butter, oats, salt, etc) will be located in more a centralized area of your kitchen. Those extra special ingredients need to be organized all together, thus you know you have them and need to use 'em.  What makes an ingredient extra special? Think, you will only using it when baking: sweetened condense milk, baking chocolate chips, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, food coloring, etc. Get the drift? 


2) Check your specialized baking ingredients once a month.

Pantry ingredients do not need to sit on the shelf for longer than 1 year. Use 'em up and bake something delicious. Yet how do you know when you need to use your ingredients up by? See below..


3) Label and date your ingredients.

This will require masking tape and a permanent pen. After purchasing your ingredients, label and date 'em. The once-a-month check will show you what ingredients you need to use and when. Plus, you can have a check list of what you need to buy and not over purchase. 


4) Only buy what you need. 

Only bake peanut butter cookies? Thus buy only ingredients for them. Love banana bread? Make sure you keep an eye out when bananas are on sale. The key is to not have an overcrowded baking pantry with food you don't really need. 


5) Keep it tidy and clean, just like the rest of your kitchen. 

Dry ingredients can get dusty, cluttered and messy. Clean your pantry shelf like how you would clean your kitchen county: dust, soft soap, warm water and sponge. This will avoid any unwanted visitors as well. 


Remember a happy baking pantry is a well-maintained pantry.

Let me know how your baking organization goes!


Happy baking,




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