Starbucks Reserve: Seattle's newest coffee shop in SODO district

March 5, 2018



Seattle is the city for coffee lovers and makers. Starbucks HQ, a global coffee shop chain, is based in the SODO district in downtown Seattle near CenturyLink and Safeco fields. Last week, Starbucks launched Starbucks Reserve coffee shop located at the bottom of their headquarters. 



What is Starbucks Reserve?

A new Starbucks coffee shop concept that serves Italian-style pastries, pizzas, unique coffee drinks, and adult beverages. 


How does it differ from your normal Starbucks?

Much more swag and merchandise to purchase! One of a kind coffee drinks to test and consumer (Nitro lattes? Blanco mocha? Ginger cold brew?  Yes, please)! Hand crafted pastries and foodie treats to savory and share! 


How big is it? Where is it? Where can I park?

Starbucks Reserve is spacious and meant to be lingered. With small rooms to the side of the main area and comfy lounge chairs, you will be sure to find a nice place to sit and drink your coffee. Can't find a spot to sit? Just ask a friendly employee. Customers are amazed by the detail of décor in the coffee shop! 

Address: 2401 Utah Ave South, Seattle WA. It is on the bottom of HQ building.

Park: Visitor parking spot in front of Starbuck Reserve/ HQ building. Street parking. 


How is the food?

Starbucks teamed with Princi bakery, an Italian bakery. A variety of pizzas, pastries, and breads can be purchased and happily enjoyed at the shop or to-go. From their signature chocolate cake to classic tiramisu and everyday cookies, you will be able to find something the pairs with your coffee drink. They have limited gluten-free options. 

Bring your ID, they serve fun cocktails and local beer and wine. 




Will Starbucks open more of these shops?

YES! Starbucks plans on opening 1,000 more Starbucks across the country. Starbucks currently has over 25,000 coffee shops in the globe. 

Don't worry if you forget your wallet, you can pay using your Starbucks app. 


Be sure to check out the new Starbucks Reserve early, or late, it gets packed fast!


Happy baking,






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