10 Super Sweet Valentines gifts for your sweeties (non-food ideas are included, too)!

February 11, 2019

Hello Seattle folks,


A super strong snow storm has hit the greater Seattle area! Stay warm by taking a long walk, drinking a cup of cocoa, go sledding, or snuggling by the fire. Or my favorite, bake something sweet and delicious to warm up your kitchen.



Valentine's Day is this Thursday February 14th and it is a true holiday that is dedicated to all things sweet and chocolate. Your sweetie in your life can be a true friend, family, favorite yoga teacher, best neighbor, or anyone who holds a special part in your life. 


Does your Valentine's gift have to receive a box full of chocolates? Nah, it can a sweet action or even something homemade. Below is a list of 10 sweet gifts you can give to your Valentine


1) Homemade desserrt you personally baked

Nothing says care and kindess than going into a kitchen and making a homemade meal or dessert. Not a baker? Short on time? Go ahead and use simple shortcuts, such as cake mixes, candy decor, or buying a component you don't have time to make. Many local bakeries and groceries are more than happy to sell you pastry components. Does it have to be fancy-schmacy? Nah, it is the thought that truly counts. 


2) A favorite cookbook or baking book

Does your Valentine like thai food? Have a favorite restaurant? Love coffee? Enjoys grilling? A new and exciting baking book will inspire their own food journey 


3) Donation to a non-profit

What is important to your Valentine? Do a donation to their favorite local non-profit is one of the best, and sweetest, gifts you can give to someone special.


4) An AirBnb getaway

Spending time together with a favorite person creates memories and is better than any other gift. Get together and plan an easy (and pretty affordable) getaway, via AirBnb. 


5) ANYTHING monogrammed 

From mugs to gym bags to blankets to wine bottles, you can get almost anything monogrammed. Something personalized adds a warm touch to any gift.


6) Subscription boxes

There are TONS out subscription boxes out there to please your Valentine. From Graze: Healthier snacks by mail , Cellars Wine Club, Once Upon a Book Club, to Stick Fix: Your Partner in Personal Style. It is easy to find one that fits your Valentine's personality. 


7)  A yearly pass to MasterClass: Online Classes

We all have busy lives and also yearn to learn more in our personal and professional lives. MasterClass offers classes in almost any subject you desire to learn and, well, master. Since it is all online, your Valentine can learn 24/7!


8) Upgrade any technology needs in their home

From a cordless speakers, to home assistants like Amazon's Echo or Amazon's Show, to upgrading thier TV with a new roku, like Amazon's fire stick. Another great gift? Tell 'em you will install it for them and get it up and running.


9) A new favorite bag of coffee, tea, or trip to a new local cafe

Does your Valentine drink copious amounts of tea? Coffee? A bag of a new and tasty coffee or tea will bring more sunshine to their morning. An easy add on? Take 'em to a new local cafe and enjoy a nice morning together.


10) Cook their favorite breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Find out what they crave in the morning and bake it, cook it, and saute it. The best part? Prep some of it the night before and make sure you know how they take their coffee (or tea).


Hope you have a very sweet Valentine's Day!

Happy baking,





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