It's Raining Chocolate Event: My sweet review

March 24, 2019

Hello foodies!


What is better than  food event than food event that involves only chocolate? It's Raining Chocolate, held at Mill Creek Town Center, involved its merchants to showcase chocolate and, well, anything sweet and chocolate.


Mill Creek Town center, located in Mill Creek off of 405, has over 80 retailers (from gift shops to fitness studios to restaurants to coffee shops) and is open 7 days a week. It is close to nature trails and has a great outdoors feel to it, making it ideal for a spring time walk.












It's Raining Chocolate Event feature its merchants who either sampled local / global chocolates or its own specialty chocolate dessert. From local Frans and Seattle Chocolates being sampled to Frost's mini chocolate doughnut holes to Spotted Cow's Salted caramel almond, anyone can find a new favorite treat to enjoy. 




One of the best? Kafe Neo  Chocolate honey baklava and mini chocolate chunk ice cream sundae! Keep an eye out for next year's event on Mill Creek Town Center's event calendar. Yes, this is a family friendly event and is great for anyone who enjoys chocolate.


Happy baking,




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