Baking shortcuts: 5 ways to cut your baking time in half!

June 18, 2019

Hello foodies and bakers,


There are bakers who true to the heart and will make every single component by scratch. From lemon curd to pie crust to ganache to muffins, die hards will wake up early and stay up late to make sure everything is homemade from the heart. 


But....there are sometimes when you are in a pinch and need to pick up something from your favorite local bakery or grocery store. Don't worry folks, many professional food establishments will often buy in certain components for time and uniformity reason. 



Here are 5 ways to cut your baking time in half: 


1. Buy pie dough

Pie dough ingredients are fairly simple, yet chilling and preparing time can get in the way of a making a homemade pie crust. Ready made pie crusts are readily available in your grocers refrigerated section. 



2. Buy mini tart shells

Throwing and hosting a soiree? Need to make a lot of little, tiny desserts? Want to make some individual desserts for a dinner party? Pre-made mini tart shells are a great way to save time and buying individual tart shells. Fill 'em with your favorite filling and top with a fun easy garnish (berries, chocolate shavings, etc). Ready made mini tart shells are often found in the freezer section. 




3. Buy pizza dough

Homemade pizza is fantastic and delicious. Don't have time, or the energy, to mix the dough and let it rise? Local pizza shops will often sell their homemade dough and will cut you all the time mixing. Call ahead to see if your favorite pizza restaurant sells homemade dough to their customers. 





4. Buy pastry components from your favorite local bakery or grocer

Never made lemon curd? Don't have time to make ganache? Buttercream? Local bakeries will often sell their homemade components to the public. Bonus: you only buy how much you need, no leftovers.



5. Buy the whole dessert!

We all live busy lives and sometimes we don't have the time to make a dessert. Don't feel guilty about picking up a favorite from your neighborhood bakery.




Happy baking,


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