5 Baking Tools You Don't Really Need

September 3, 2019

Greetings bakers and foodies,


The right tools for the right project are essential for true pastry and baking success.  You need that mixer! You need that whisk! You need those cookie trays! You need that cake pan!  Without the proper tools, baking would be, well, difficult like shoving snow with spoon. 


When you are starting a brand spankin' new dessert you have never ever made, there is a good chance you will need a special tool or pan for it.  Just like you double check the ingredient list, make sure you have all the right tools for the baking job. 

Never made blueberry cheese cake? You'll need a springform pan. Bakin' banana walnut cinnamon bread? Check to make sure you have a loaf pan. Whipping up pink meringue hearts? You gotta have a whisk attachment for your mixer. 


Below are some tools that, errrr, can be left out of your wish list and you will still be a-OK when baking, whether you are a beginner or advanced baker.  Don't get me wrong, feel free to use 'em if you have them in your kitchen cabinets. 


5 Baking Tools You Don't Really Need: 



 1) Pastry cutter

This is an u-shaped hand held cutter that 'cuts' in butter to dry ingredients. Yes, it works pretty well and doesn't do a bad job.  A better, and cheaper, option: your own two hands. 



2) Spiralizer

Bakin' up a homemade carrot cake and need shredded carrots? Or a zucchini chocolate loaf and need grated zucchini? Avoid those TV veggie spiralizers and just use either a veg peeler or standing cheese grater (my personal fave). 





3) Garlic Press

Are you up-ing your bread game and making a rosemary garlic loaf? Avoid buying a garlic press, a tool that minces garlic, and simply finely chop it with a chef's knife or use a microplane (which has multi uses in the pastry kitchen).



4)  Apple Slicer

Nahhh, you don't really a small round tool that slices and cores your apple in one slice. Why? A good quality chef's knife and veg peeler will do the trick. 


..and on that note..




5)  Cheap knives

Avoid those $10 grocery store side cap, brightly colored, knifes because they will fall apart and wither away like a pound of spinach in a large skillet. A good chefs knife will cost around $50-$150 and is one of the biggest investments of your baking and and cooking journey.


Happy baking,




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