5 Baking Tools You Really Need

September 22, 2019

Hello foodies and bakers,


The last post stated 5 baking tools you don't really need in the kitchen. Now, this post is dedicated to 5 tools you definitely need in the kitchen if you are whipping up an apple coffee cake, pumpkin scones, or baking your favorite extra chocolate-chocolate cake.


Are you are seasoned and veteran baker? I bet you already have these handy tools in the kitchen. Do you have a fave? Let me know below. 

Are you a newbie in the kitchen? These key tools will help you whip your cream to its full peak!






1) Measuring cups / spoons and/or scale for measuring and weighing ingredients

Need to measure flour? Baking soda? Sugar? Of course! In the baking kitchen, you need to measure out your pantry ingredients for your recipe.  Measuring cups and spoons are popular in American and small batch cooking. A digital scale is key to advanced baking because it weighs the ingredients versus measuring by volume. 

If your recipe calls for measuring cups and spoons, use 'em! If your recipe calls for a digital scale, use it!


2) Big bowls for mixing, stiring, and whipping 

This is key to ensure your batter is stired and whipped uniformly and properly. You gotta have those big mixing bowls that can hold 3, 4, even 5 quarts of batter. You need room to stir with a spatula and whip with a whisk. A too small bowl makes it super-duper hard to properly stir and can, well, overflow outta the bowl. 

Think stainless steel or glass material for bowls. Over time, plastic bowls tend to break and silicone based bowls are flopping and are unable to hold any batter or dough.




3) Bowl scrapper and bench scrapper

A bowl scrapper is made out of plastic and a rectangle shape. This is super key to scrapper the bits on the bottom of your mixing bowl. Plus, a bowl scrapper will help even the top of the batter after you have poured your batter into your pan.

A bench scrapper is a rectangle made of stainless and a plastic (or wood) handle on one side. Chopping walnuts for your cookies? Grated carrots for cake? Need to clean your wooden rolling pin from excess pie dough? A bench scrapper can help 'lift' ingredient, after being chopped or grated, from the cutting board to your mixing bowl. Plus, it acts like a cleaning tool: scraping bits from your rolling pin or cutting board.

These 2 scrappers are a must and need! 




4) Chef's knife

Choppin' chocolate for lucious brownies? Walnuts for streusel? Cubing butter for cookies? A good quality chef's knife will last you a life time in the kitchen,even if you are cooking sweet or savory items. You will want 8 inc to 10 inch in length and be sure the handle is comfortable in your hand. Invest in one! 



5) Cookie sheets 

Good quality bake ware is half the battle when baking, especially cookie sheets. Not only cookies, but sponge cakes and bar cookies can be made on cookie sheets. Avoid cookie sheets without a 'lip' on the edge because your cookies may take a slip and fall. 

Another tip is to buy lighter color cookie sheets versus darker. Darker sheets will enhance the browning and caramelization of the sugars in your baked goods, especially on the bottom. 


Happy baking!


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