5 Tips to Make Your Thanksgiving....sweeter! (Non foodie ideas, too!)

November 19, 2019

Hello foodies,


November is here which means pumpkin everything, crunchy red and gold leaves on the ground, and THANKSGIVING! If you always celebrate yearly or are new to the game, these 5 helpful tips will make your meal go smoothly and pretty sweet.



1) Make it a potluck

If you are hosting a Friends-giving, your first Thanksgiving dinner or keeping it simple with close loved ones, ensure everyone contributes. Have each party bring something to make the dinner fantastic. Their favorite side dish (even if it is not Thanksgiving-ish), a local wine, a dessert from their favorite bakery. There is really no reason for one person to do it all, keep it simple!


2) Add local flares

Luckily, in the Pacific Northwest there are so many local restaurants, grocers, wineries, and coffee shops that specialize in their craft. Need a hostess gift? Give 'em a favorite bag of coffee beans from your neighborhood coffee shop. Need to bring something? Check out a local natural grocer for side dish ideas. Need a good wine? Check out local tasting rooms. 


3) Donate to a local non profit

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and a chance to see all the good around you! There are multiple local non profits that each have their own core values. Find one that you also harmonize with and donate.


4) Bake or cook for a special person

If you are a seasoned pro or newbie in the kitchen, creating something homemade in the kitchen is a gift of thoughtfulness and kindness. Make granola! Make chocolate chip cookies! Make a homemade hot cocoa!


5) Write down 5 things you are grateful for

Thanksgiving lets us be surrounded by people we care and love. Think and write down things that our lives happier. From a good book to a funny movie to cooking your favorite meal, it is the small things in life that make us smile.



Happy Thanksgiving and happy baking,


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