10 (Last Minute) Gifts for Foodies

December 18, 2019

Hi foodies and bakers,


Christmas is next week! Eek! Do you have the tree fully decorated? Cookies decorated? Stockings hung? Most importantly, do you have all your gifts? Here is the good news: foodies are pretty easy to shop for, we love anything sweet, savory or in-between. (Trust me on this!)




If you have a newbie foodie or a seasoned pro on your gift list to shop for, here are 10 (last minute) gifts to give! Gift giving tip: combine the gift ideas for a bigger gift or hostess gift. 


The best part: you can find this gifts in any gourmet food shop, natural grocer, or online retailer. 


1) Unique flavored oils and salts

Oils and salts are the base for flavoring in every cuisine out there. Buy an unique salt or oil flavor to give to your cookin' loving friend.



2) Home kombucha or beer brewing kit

Whether  they crave a bubbly glass of kombucha or beer, a home kit will have them creating their own personalized flavors. Another plus? Offer to be a taste tester.



3)  Indoor herb garden

Nothing really beats the flavor of fresh herbs. An indoor herb garden will have 'em growing herbs year round and cooking with a fresh flavor.


4) Sous Vide machine

Sous vide is a method of cooking food, especially proteins, in a water bath. The sous vide machine regulates the temperate, so food is cooked slowly, making it very tender. This gift is for a serious foodies who truly enjoys cooking and entertaining. 


5) Air Fryer

Move over Instant Pot, air fryers are hot right now because it is fried food made healthy. Simply, no oil is used when cooking the air fryer. Perfect for a foodie who loves fried chicken or french fries. 


6) Fancy-schmacy serving platters

Think: cheese platters, pasta bowls, fruit bowls, and dessert trays. A new platter will truly make their food look gourmet. This is great if your foodie loves to host parties 


7) New muffin pans, with homemade muffins (or cupcakes!)

New baking pans are perfect if your friend loves to create something sweet. Buy new muffin pans and bake homemade muffins (or cupcakes, or egg bites) in 'em. Nothing is better than a sweet homemade gift.


8) Kitchen accessories for their electrics 

If they are die hard fans of their Instant pots or kitchen mixer, a new attachment or tool will help them create something new and creative. 


9) A unique salt keeper

Salt is key for flavoring. From finishing your meats or seasoning your pasta water, salt is used, well, in every meal and cuisine. A polished keeper will look lovely by their stovetop. 


10) Local coffee and tea

When are the city of gourmet hot morning beverages. A new, one of kind flavor in tea or coffee will have them thinking of you every morning. Pair it with a seasonal mug!


Happy holidays! Happy baking,


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