5 Foodie Predictions for 2020

January 9, 2020

Hello foodies,


Food trends go and fade within the past month, year, and decade. Remember the caulifower-replaces-everything boom? The cake pop replaces cake trend? Or who could forget oatmeal lattes? (hey, is that still a thing??)

Some stay (like good, whole, unprocessed local ingredients) and some go (like sugar-free diets, low fat diets, crash diets).  No matter what, food trends and fads will go in and out throughout the next decade.


 Top 5 foodie predictions:


1) More whole foods and simple foods in large food establishments 

What do I mean by simple foods? A perfect grilled salmon. Crispy greens dressed evenly. An uncomplicated apple pie. Everyone in the Pacific Northwest, especially our younger generation, loves how available fresh fruits, veggies, and meats are to the general public. From farmer's markets to local grocers to mom and pop cafes, it is hard not to find a dish made with local ingredients.

When it comes to big box establishments, expect to see simple foods and offerings that appeal to everyone and anyone.


2) Plant based options in restaurants

What is a plant based diet? Simply, a diet filled with food from plants. Think: veggies, fruits, grains, and legumes. Little or no animal meat is added based on personal taste.  Foods that are refined or process are avoided. Why plant based? Health! Cost! Feeling better than before!

Expect to see some plant based options on a restaurant or cafe menu near you. I bet you are already seeing plant-based meats and burgers. 


 3) More mobile ordering

Not a food trend, but more of an operation trend in the food biz nation wide. Mobile ordering is getting huge because it is convenient, fast, and easy. Need your cafe mocha faster than fast? Pull up your app, order, and wait patiently. More quick service restaurants will be headed in this direction.


 4) More non-alcoholic drink options 

Why no booze? Why not? People often will have a 'dry' month and avoid alcohol after the holiday indulgence.  A fancy-schmacy no booze cocktail, versus a simple glass of water, is appreciated and enjoyed anytime of the year. 


5) Food Halls

What is a food hall? A large space, almost market like, filled with a variety of restaurant and food options. Why a food hall? You have options, options, options! Often, environment is light, easy, fun and casual. Plus, it is great for large groups and families. 

Swing by Lincoln Square South Food Hall in downtown Bellevue for a glimpse in a trending food hall.


Happy baking,


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