Sweetness In...Honolulu! My top 5 foodie picks

March 4, 2020

Hello foodies and bakers,


More travel means more eats! While touring around Honolulu, I ate local fare, sweet stuff, and of course, coffee for fuel. 


What exactly is Hawaiian food? It is blend of melting pots of cuisines: China, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Portugal. Thinks LOTS of rice dishes, noodles, meats, seafood, and don't forget, Spam. Spam is canned cooked pork and spam musubi is a popular dish. 


Other popular Hawaiian dishes include loco mocco (rice + hamburger patty + fried egg + gravy all over), malasadas (deep fried goodness coated in sugar), poke (fresh, raw seafood marinated), and shaved iced (ice with every single topping you can think of).


What are my top 5 picks that will I trust any other foodie will enjoy? Check out below







1. Sashimi Salad from Kyung's seafood (right)

Seafood is huge here and the sashimi salad is big enough for 2 hungry foodies. Raw, fresh ahi and salmon slices over lettuce, cabbage in a light asian dressing. This is perfect for a light lunch.




2. Shaved Ice at Island Vintage Shaved Ice (below)

The weather is warm and the sun is out! What is better than shaved ice topped with whatever you want. Popular toppings include fruit, frozen yogurt, boba, mochi and fruit. Trust me on this, you will definitely go back for seconds. 












3. Malasadas at Leonard's bakery (below): A Malasada is a Portuguese yeasted doughtnut, rolled in sugar. Be careful foodies, it is quite easy to eat 2, 3...or even 4 of these at breakfast. 
















4. Acai Bowl at Honolulu Coffee House (below) 

What is acai? Açaí is a Brazilian specialty from Pará and Amazonas. They look like small, purple grapes and have a highly nutritional value. An acai bowl is made by pureeing acai and topping it with a variety of ingredients like granola, coconut and chia seeds. There is a good chance you have seen acai bowls on your Instagram feed. 









5. Thick Cut Pork Loin Katsu Set at Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin (below)

A truly thick pork cutlet fried and served with a cabbage salad, rice, and miso soup. The pork was super juicy! The pork was super crusty! This dish will keep you full for hours. Note: this place does not take reservations and it fills up fast.







Happy baking,


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