Home Baking: Top 10 (new!) things to do

April 17, 2020

Hey foodies and bakers,


It is no doubt most of us are staying in more, cooking most of our meals and testing out new baking recipes. Are you cooking up old favorites? Classics? Trying to whip up something you saw social media? Here are top 10, new, things to do while you are home baking, no matter if you are a beginner or pro!



1. Make Dalgona coffee

What is it? Simply, whipped coffee. It is trending over social media and everyone who is a coffee fan is trying it. The best part? It only takes 3 simple ingredients. Learn how to make it by going over to my Instagram account and checking out my IGTV channel here.


2. Organize your baking pans and tools

Toss out old, tired, and broken tools. Organize your pots and pans from always used to seasonal used (holidays, birthdays, etc).  Get rid of plastic ware with broken lids and holes.  Condense your tools down!


3. Make a variation of banana bread

It is true classic baked good and it takes pantry ingredients. Put your twist on it: add chocolate, add chopped nuts, add citrus zest. Now is the time to be creative in the kitchen.


4. Watch baking and cooking videos 

Through the power of technology, there are hundreds of baking, cooking, and food videos on social media and streaming services. Some are short, some are long, some are live, and all are 110% delicious! From your local food blogger/influencer (me!!) to a neighborhood restaurant to a celebrity chef, you can see someone's own personal cooking and baking recipes and style.


5. Re-Read your favorite food book

Have you ever re-read anything and got a different point of view from it? If it a cook book, baking skills book or a food-themed book, another read will be worth it.


6. Make a homemade a latte

There is nothing like a homemade cup of coffee in your hand in the morning. Make a homemade latte with your favorite espresso and milk of choice. Foam the milk and add sugar to your likeness. Don't have an espresso machine? Not a coffee person? That is OK! Make my matcha latte on my Instagram account.


7. Bake your childhood favorite cookies

Nothing brings back memories that your favorite cookie in your childhood's cookie jar. If you baked 'em with your friends, family, neighbors or loved ones, a homemade cookie will bring back sweet memories.


8. Bake a yeasted bread

Bread takes time. With the double rise (on most) breads, most folks don't have the time to bake. Now is the time. Set a timer, set an alarm, and make your favorite yeasted bread: french loaf, cinnamon rolls, or focaccia.


9. Use up old ingredients

The good news about most pantry baking ingredients: they have a very long shelf life due to being dry (like flour, cornstarch, salt) or containing a high level of sugar (corn syrup, molasses, chocolate). Bad news: It is quite easy to build up a baking pantry of ingredients you don't really need or use on a daily basis. Here is the time to use 'em up! Have leftover dried cranberries? Make muffins. Have a variety of chocolate? Make brownies. Have molasses? Make a bundt cake.


10. Start your own social account for your foodie adventures

Even if you are cooking weekly, baking daily, ordering take out from your favorite neighborhood restaurant, having a social account with your food adventures will capture everything you consume and bake. No need to remember your favorite dish! Plus, you can see other fun food accounts (like me! Follow me on IG here) and get more foodie inspiration. 



Did you know I am posting more cooking and baking videos on Instagram? Follow me here @sweetnessinseattleblog


Happy baking,


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