Paddle attachment: What it does!

April 28, 2020

Hello foodies and bakers,


It is no surprise most folks are baking at home these days. Through social media, I see dozens of banana breads, homemade breakfasts, sourdough loaves, coffee art, and people exploring new cuisines they have never cooked before! 


Baking is taking off by storm, if you are newbie or pro. A standing kitchen mixer is one of the key and essential electrics I recommend investing in. Why? With the attachments, you can cream, whip, whisk, blend, and knead. Plus, there are more advanced attachments that can spiral, grind meat, and make homemade ice cream.





What does the paddle attachment look like? 

It looks like a soft triangle. Some may have a silicone scarper to help scrape the sides of the bowl while mixing. I have used both and both work efficiently for baking. 

Note some paddle attachments come uncoated (pure metal) or coated (see above picture). Please buy coated because uncoated attachments tend to discolor the batter or dough you are baking. Plus coated attachments are dishwasher safe.


Why invest in a standing kitchen mixer?

If you invest in a mixer, you will definitely use the paddle attachment the most.  Why? Creaming method (read more about creaming method here)  is the most popular baking methodology. It is when fat (primary butter) is combined with sugars to become uniform and add air (for volume and natural leavening).

The paddle attachment is the perfect tool for creaming, simply to making an emulsion between fat and sugars. Remember, fat and water (water in eggs, milk and butter) are naturally un-mixable. Creaming them (two un-mixable ingredients) together is called an emulsion.


What else can I use the paddle attachment for besides the creaming method?

Not just creaming, the paddle attachment works for softening cream cheese, making frostings, blending ground meats and pulling pulled pork. 


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Happy baking,


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